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Hura Apps is a Vietnam-based Web & Mobile App development team.
With the top skilled developers, we have done many projects for clients worldwide with high quality, on time and budget.
We build world-class products for global market.

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Shopify Projects

1. Hura Theme Blocks

This app has a number of app blocks that you can use to make beautiful layouts in the Shopify Online Store 2.0 theme.

2. Hura Redirect After Login

This app helps to redirect customers to custom URL after login, logout, register in Shopify

3. Hura Collection Embedder

Hura Collection Embedder helps you display products (from a collection) in a grid view on your store. It is designed for simplicity. You can add the products anywhere on site, whether its a product details page, blog post, index page or a separate dedicated page for products grid.

4. Hura Order Form Embedder

Hura Order Form Embedder helps you display product form on your store. It is designed for simplicity. You can add the product form anywhere on site, whether its blog post, index page or a separate dedicated page to upsell or introduce.

5. Hura FB Messenger

Hura FB Messenger is an app that helps you integrate the Facebook Chat widget in your Shopify store.

6. Hura Video Gallery

This app helps to display YouTube videos in a grid view on your Shopify store.

7. Floatton

Floatton is a Shopify app that helps you create sticky floating link buttons to give your user easily accessible contents throughout your store.

8. Hura Effects

This is a Shopify app that provides stunning effects such as snowfall, rain, firework, falling hearts, falling flowers, confetti cannon, shooting stars... for your Shopify store.

9. AntiCopy

AntiCopy is a Shopify app help you to protect your site's content from being reused by malicious merchants.

10. Theme Switcher

The app gives your users the ability to switch between themes from the front end of your site. Visitors with the opportunity to choose different theme designs quickly and easily.

11. Facebook Album

The app for showing your Facebook Albums into your Shopify store.

12. Snowfall Effect

The app for making it snowfall in your Shopify store.

WordPress Projects

1. Hura Custom Cursors

This plugin to customize your website cursor, you will get a very elegant and unique site.

2. Hura Apps Photos

The plugin will help to show Facebook Photos or Facebook Album on your WordPress website.

3. Replace Broken Images

The plugin will help to replace broken images in post and pages by a default image.

Android Projects

1. Xem Tuổi Vợ Chồng

This is a divination app for love (Vietnamese).

2. Đoán Số Mệnh Qua CMND

Decoding your Identify Card number to get your personal numeroscope (Vietnamese).

3. Ai Uống

This is a fun party/drinking game for friends in the party (Vietnamese).

4. Đoán Số Mệnh Qua Tên

Decoding your own name to get your Life Path Number and get your personal numeroscope (Vietnamese).

PHP Projects

1. Media Search Engine

The tools to search video, photo on Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Flickr.

2. Code Minifier

The tools to minify JavaScript, CSS, HTML and PHP codes.

3. Currency Converter

A simple currency converter that allows you to quickly check the latest currency exchange rates.

4. Facebook Group Crawler

This script supports to get all posts of a group on Facebook and show them on separate site.

5. Lookup Instagram User ID

The script will allow you to lookup your Instagram user ID.

6. IP Location Finder

Find a geolocation of an IP address including latitude, longitude, city, region and country.

7. URL Shortener Without Database

URL Shortener is a service create a shortened URL from long URL.

8. Short URL Expander

Get long URL from hundreds of URL shortening services.

9. Youtube & Vimeo Video Downloader

Simple PHP script for downloading online video from Youtube or Vimeo.

Web Tool Projects

1. DownloadInstagram.Ga

The tool allows you to download high quality photos and videos from Instagram.

2. IPLocation.Ga

Find a geolocation of an IP address including latitude, longitude, city, region and country.

3. URLChecker.Info

The tools to unshorten any short url, check your website for broken & dead links and find a geolocation of an IP address.

4. DownloadYoutubeVideo.Info

Simple Youtube video downloader.

5. Hura.Ga

Service create a shortened URL from long URL.

Blog Projects

1. Hura Tips

Sharing knowledge about Shopify, Business online, Marketing online and Programing.

2. Mạng Bình Định

Sharing computer tips (Vietnamese).

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